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Quality Guaranteed

We offer a wide range of computer services, please do not think that if it is not listed here we wont be able to help.

Call for Bespoke Web design pricing, Networking quotes or any other IT issues you or your company is experiencing.


Please note all prices below are exclusive of VAT.

Computer Board

PC, Mac & Laptop Standard Service - £60

Is your computer running slower? Do you need some advice? Inevitably over time computers become congested with old files, software & even viruses.

An  R T Tec service aims to increase the speed at which your computer runs, gets rid of those unwanted files, checks that Microsoft windows is up to date and ensures everything is running smoothly. We will also check you have an active AntiVirus protecting you and we check the health of your Hard Drive as one cause of slow, laggy computers is a failing HD and we don’t want you to lose all your treasured photos and important documents should this fail suddenly.

Office 365 Services - from £5 a month

We can manage all your office 365 services, Exchange, Business 365, Enterprise, Apps for business and any other office 365 services you may need. From setup to management we make this a smooth partnership to keep your services running. All products are subject to monthly or annual contracts. 

Virus Removal - from £60.00

Think you may have picked up a virus? Unfortunately viruses are something we see crop up on a daily basis. You may be experiencing some strange behaviour e.g Inundated with pop-ups, being re-directed to websites you weren't planning on visiting or your computer may be running slowly all these are signs of a virus.

At R T Tec we will scan your computer with our specialist software and remove the virus and any other damaging software we find. In most cases a virus can be removed simply however it can become so badly infected that we would need to reformat your computer, this is why our prices range depending on the severity of the infection.

AVAST CloudCare Antivirus - £25 per year

Software supplied to keep you and your PC safe from from Cyber attacks and to minimise the risk of virus infections. We manage this software remotley and give you the user full control to run scans and block malware.

PC, Mac & Laptop Repairs - from £50.00

Broken Laptop screen? Spilt drink on the keyboard? Strange loud noises from your PC?

R T Tec looks after your computer from the moment it enters our care, we will quickly assess the issue and make a diagnoses of the problem.

Once it has been assessed we will contact you to discuss your options, repairs will not be carried out until a price has been agreed. R T Tec sources any replacement parts you may need, order these in and restore your computer to its former glory. Sometimes computers are just not worth the cost of repairing but we always ensure we do our up most to try to save them.

Data Recovery & Transfers -  from £40.00

Failed Hard Drive and no backup? Got a new computer but not sure how to get all your important files across? Worried you might lose important data yourself?

R T Tec offer a complete data transfer, documents, pictures, music and emails. We can also install software for you to make life hassle free. After transferring the data and returning the computer we keep hold of the backup until you have confirmed to us that everything has been transferred successfully.

Looking after your data is important, that is why we recommend you back your data up. If you want to know how to setup hard copy backups with external drives or if you are interested in finding out about Cloud backup get in touch.

Supply, New & Reconditioned Pcs, Macs & Laptops - prices to suit all budgets

Time for a new computer? We supply a range of computers, new and used, top of the range right down to lower spec.

We tailor each purchase to each client. With our knowledge and expertise we can find the perfect computer for you within your budget and deliver it to your door ready to use!  As well as supplying computers we can sell and install servers and any printers and any other tech accessories you require.

Broadband & Wireless Setup - from £50.00

Changing your ISP (Internet service provider e.g BT)? Not sure how to get connected to the Internet? Wireless not working as it should be?

R T Tec not only offers a service to install your new router, and setup a secure SSID (wireless name) and password we offer advice on what broadband package you should select.

After your new router has arrived and broadband has gone live we will come round and connect you, making sure all your devices can connect to the Internet and that you know how to connect any new devices you may get.

Do you find it difficult to get wireless signal in some rooms in your property? We have the solution to boost your signal. Each situation is different and we are more than willing to discuss the best option for you.

Domain & Email Setup - from £50

Want a personalised email address? Not sure how to setup your new email?

At R T Tec we know how important your emails can be, chopping and changing email addresses every time you change ISP and no one remembering your complicated email address are all inconveniences to everyday life. We have a solution, R T Tec can help you create your own personal domain name and from there we can setup multiple email addresses from this domain. These can be renewed on a yearly basis, but don't worry we manage it all for you so you can be worry free.

As well as purchasing and organising your domain & email addresses we can come round to setup your new accounts on computers or other devices supporting email. As well as showing you how to access your emails via online webmail anywhere in the world.

Web Design - from £350.00

R T Tec offer you a personal service to create your perfect website. We tailor make each site to meet all your specific requirements, we aim to ensure 100% satisfaction with the finished design.

We offer you very competitive prices and fast turn around for your small business needs. Our sites look great & provide you with every key aspect that you desire all for a reasonable price you can afford!

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